Telios Becomes Wave 1 Grantee for Coreum’s Blockchain Network


Coreum, a 3rd-generation layer-1 enterprise-grade blockchain recently revealed the wave 1 of the grantee projects that will be built atop its network and we are excited and proud to announce that Telios is among them.

This first round of grantees is focused on DeFi protocol and wallet components and is backed by the Sologenic Development Foundation.

Bob Ras, co-founder of Sologenic said:

“During the bear market, when many cryptocurrencies and projects are declining in value, big players are getting back to the fundamentals by placing investments into the underlying technology - into Layer-1 projects. As an enterprise-grade blockchain, Coreum’s modular and interoperable design provides the core infrastructure necessary for these grantee projects to flourish, especially amid these market conditions.”

Five other grantees besides Telios were selected for the initial round, including:

  • Amber - a free-to-play NFT game and metaverse platform in which players can play games, connect, trade virtual property (NFTs) and create worlds.
  • CO2mmon - German/Hungarian startup that promotes sustainable and eco-friendly mobility through rewards and gamification with the goal of reducing emissions.
  • D’Cent Wallet - Enhanced hardware crypto wallet built on the highest security standards.
  • Stably - Provides regulatory-compliant stablecoin infrastructure and multi-chain fiat on/off ramps for new and emerging blockchain that seeks to connect DeFi and TradFi via stablecoins.
  • Zeeve - Enterprise-grade no-code Blockchain Infrastructure Automation platforms that enables easy deployment, monitoring and management of Blockchain nodes and networks

Telios would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the all other fellow grantees with the hope that together we bring Web3 closer.

About Coreum

Coreum is an enterprise-grade blockchain built by the Sologenic Development Foundation. It brings low-latency proof-of-stake blockchain to a wide range of audiences looking to access a multi-chain future and has the ability to process up to 7000 transactions/second.

About the Sologenic Development Foundation

The Sologenic Development Foundation is a community of developers working together on open-source projects around the CORE and SOLO tokens.