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Why should you care about your email metadata?

Pierre Kraus

Pierre Kraus

Business Analyst @Telios

What is the email metadata?#

Did you know that your email metadata might be even more relevant than the email body itself? This is the reason why encrypting it is key to maintaining your privacy.

But, first thing first, what is your email metadata? It is the bits of information contained in your email header:

  • The sender
  • The recipient
  • The timestamp
  • The location

That’s already quite a lot of data, and you know that when data is processed it becomes information! Almost a decade ago, the MIT Media Lab created an application that would allow users to track their own metadata from their Gmail emails. It revealed people’s personal networks and the frequency at which they would interact with them, thus exposing personal data and relationships.

How does Telios encrypt your metadata?#

This is why Telios decided to encrypt both your email content and metadata!

The way it works is by using the secret sealed box encryption method. Meaning this encrypts the sender’s metadata outer layer with the receiver’s public key and the sender’s metadata inner layer with a temporary key pair to preserve the sender’s anonymity.

With us, all contents and destinations of your email remain private!